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Consists of the words hyung and whore.
Hyung is korean and literally translated as 'older brother'. It's only used by males to refer to older male relatives like cousins or older male close friends.

Noun: (Arguably) Used for the rapping member of the talented korean group SHINee called Minho.

Noun: Boys with gay preferences that are fond of seducing older men preferably from their own company with their flaming charisma.

Adjective: being gay; being flirtous and suggestive towards hyungs even infront of cameras; being an ass role model for magnaes; being an annoying cockblocker to Jongkey
Minho: Donghae hyung. Heard Enhyuk hyung is over at Sungmin's. Does that mean I can come over tonite?

Donghae: Who did you say is where?

Fan: Oh, hyungwhore is at work again.
by nassin May 30, 2010
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