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Hypo = Low
Tolerance = the ability to endure
Af = to or toward
Tauro = Bull
Feces = Shit
Ism = The condition of

The condition of low ability to endure bull shit.

This condition is believe to be contracted through repeated exposure to high levels of bullshit and is curable only by a bullshit free environment for a minimum of 6 weeks at which time some testing to determine if the patients high saturation of bullshit has decreased to a level tolerable to permit additional exposure to people who talk shit and start shit. Upon reentry into a bullshit environment the patient may need restrictions which require a hypotolerance aftaurofecesism survival kit consisting of the following items:

1. Ear plugs: to prevent the hearing of bullshit

2. Stun gun: in case a bullshitter is too loud to be blocked out by the ear plug protection use the stun gun to temporarily stun the bullshitter long enough to plac item number 3.

3. Roll of duct tape: place over the mouth of the bullshitter so they are rendered incapable of talking shit.
I was recently diagnosed with hypotolerance aftaurofecesism.
by Aimstaind January 18, 2010
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