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Combination of hypocrite and teacher. One of the worst kinds of teachers, they like to rag on students for bad habits or mistakes, but then they make those same mistakes infront of the class. Upon their mistake being pointed out in front of the entire class, they will flip out, go on long rants about respect, and usually make the one who pointed out their mistake pay.
Fred: My new Biology teacher is amazing. He is the best.
George: Lucky, I got stuck with a hypocreacher. She is the worst

Teacher: Now remember class, a lot is spelt as two words. Some of you have been making the mistake of spelling it as one word. (mistakenly writes "alot" on the board)
Student 1:(obvisiously confused) Excuse me, didn't you say a lot is spelt as two words.
Student 2: Yeah!, you just got done telling us that.
(teacher looks at board, realizes the mistake)
Teacher:(angrily) It isn't nice to correct at teacher, it is disrespectful.......
Teacher: Now you two, you both have to write a 400 page essay on respect
by Ditter December 05, 2006
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