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hypocarndria: excessive anxiety about all the things that can be wrong with your car; a tendency to fear or imagine there are problems with your car that aren't actually there. Sometimes mechanics will tell the owner that the problems are all in her head (gasket) but she won't believe it.
I had also decided that the steering in my car was weird, like the steering wheel was turning way too much. I'd gone so far in this belief that it was making me nervous to drive, sedately cautious like a little old lady instead of the risk taking old lady daredevil driver I usually am.

At one shop I asked them to take a look at the steering when I had the car in for a minor door handle repair and they said nothing was wrong with the steering. Afterwards I went to another place, where the brakes were fixed last week, but afterwards they didn't seem right. A mechanic looked at the brakes and drove all around and said the brakes were fine.

So, now it seems that I've developed hypocarndria. Nobody warns you about this.
by AnnSoforth October 26, 2013
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