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a line of cars gas brake dipin' or ghostriding with everyone getting hyphy

originated from people moving in large groups from party to party or sideshow to sideshow in the town
go to 98th or 73rd ave on friday/saturday night in oakland

or just watch the "tell me when to go" video if you're not from the town

"damn bud whats that line of cars gas breakin' with dem niggas ghostridin?"
"the hyphy train mayne"
by baydisciple May 23, 2006
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A wild, mobile party with a long line of cars with all the doors open, in which occupants ghost-ride, flambost, dance on the hood and roof, and otherwise get hyphy.
We ganna Ghostride tha Whip, and create a Hyphy train.
by Lex Diamond May 25, 2006
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"railing" or snorting MDMA through the nose ether in a pure powder form or a crushed up ecstasy pill.
"ay blood what you doing tonight?"

"ima pop some thizzle and ride the hyphy train with some breezys."
by Dwayn johnson August 24, 2008
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