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Hypefest is the process associated with every release for the Microsoft 360 console. Since the target audience is retards and 12 year-old basement dwellers, any piss poor release gets the "OMGZ!1!!" hype quickly. Then similar basement low-lifes gather on forums and together the hype accumulates between the few of them and they are off blogging on every forum with as many multiple user accounts as possible.

Then the 360 install base numbers are exaggerated by including every defected unit as a console "sold". So the 15 or so American 360 fans can pretend they are not only a single loser, but multiple losers.

All this while the Sony fans are off getting laid, and their games speak for themselves.
Halo 3 is the best game ever!!!1! 10/10 - Despite never playing the game, hypefest continues
by MonicaHardcore August 30, 2007
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