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Hykein is a name that turns everyone on he is nice caring hot and sexy and every boy you need. He is charming and a funny guy that always makes your day. Hykein has a lot of friends and everyone knows him. Hykein has his own jokes, he has a nice smile and nice hair he is usually really tall. hykein is a boy that wants to see you every since day and tell you how he loves you and that he cares about you and every thing about you. Hykein is that jealous type of guy means that he wants you and only you not another other girl that he sees. Hykein is a different one he is the type that would kiss you everywhere give your hickes and love the shit out of you and wants to cuddle you everyday and loves you. he just wants to be around you everyday, Hykein plays hard to get he will tell and ask you things that are hard or confuse to answer. hykein;'s are usually calm but gets mad at sometimes but it is like he gets mad at you it is only for a while. hykein is everything you want... don't let him go because if you do trust me he will always think, love and care for you and bets on everything
hykein is so fine

i love hykein so much
by jayylinnl March 10, 2017
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