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AOA's tallest member (no, she's not Kang Hyejeong, Tablo's wife) also known as Hyejeong Linus, the goddess of beauty. A former cheerleader and promotional model in high school with that hella fine thighs and butts. A perfect ruiner for your consciousness because damn that body and that face will surely blow your mind away. Seolhyun's girlfriend, but recently Seolhyun is cheating to Jimin so probably they're in a complicated relationship right now.

Nb : don't try to search Hyejeong on google because you will fall to the seventh dimension
Hyejeong : Hello, FNC's new trainee, Shin Hyejeong imnida! *bows*
Jimin : O.O Hell butt
Mina : How tall are you?
Choa : What did your mom eat when she was pregnant?
Seolhyun : Where did you purchase that face?
Chanmi : How did you swallow a whole guitar?
by koreanangels December 26, 2014
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