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hurt-sack (adj.)

Similar to hurtin'. Mostly used in rural areas adopting the hip hop culture.
A hurtsack is an individual who is either:

1 weak Being generally feeble in nature.
2 mean Behaving in a negative state towards others.
3 terrible Having poor skills, physical or social.
4 shameful Is thought of in a generally negative or undesirealbe fashion.
5 Intensely or extremely bad or unpleasant in degree or quality.

The origins of Hurtsack are generally unknown. However there is a strong possibility that hurtsack is related to the word blueballs as a synonym. Is is also highly probable that hurtsack is a description of the state of the male genetalia under injured or painful circumstances.
Refering to an individual's state of being in a negative fashion, opposed to a positive fashion.
"You are pretty hurtsack".

Refering to a circumstance or event in a negative fashion as a response.
"That is hurtsack".
by Timothy Michael Duke June 22, 2006
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