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very friendly girl, maybe flirtatious, usually cute.
Could be also some one being flirtatious using this to call a girl kind of like baby or sweetie.
"Hey Hunz", "Thats my hunz over there!"
"Hunz, doing her thing over there by that guy!"
by The Official H U N Z May 29, 2009
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battle cry of players on Call of Duty Modern Warfare; usually of the clan HUNZ
<pre-game lobby>
player: wtf is HUNZ?
guy from HUNZ: its a war cry...
player: your gay
player: yea i'm leaving now
guy from HUNZ: I think you scared, yea i think your scared, I think your pussy, I think your a mexican on American Turf
by [HUNZ] macAhoe3000 December 31, 2009
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