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DEFINITION 1: someone who you find very attractive or extremely special to you; similar to calling someone hot.

DEFINITION 2: an international student that was born in Asia or the Pacific Islands. They may have recently came to the United States to pursue an education here. They may or may not know much English, but they make up for it with their outstanding performance in their academics; similar to the slang FOB
Jason: Damn that hunyama is fine af. I'd definitely tap that.
Harsh: Bro, that's my cousin you're talking about. And she's still a minor.
Jason: Whoops, my bad bro…But she’s still fire tho.

Lakshay: Hey Camilo, do you think I should take this calculus class this upcoming semester?
Camilo: I really don't recommend it. Yeah, the teacher is easy and all, but with all the new international hunyamas coming this year, the grade curve at the end of the semester will be high. I suggest talking it the semester after.
Lakshay: Okay thanks man.
by HooshiYi May 24, 2017
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