noun \hun-,knee\
plural: hunies

A female who has very attractive features.


babe, dime-piece
Damn, she is a huney.
by Beck V June 20, 2013
A sweet HOT and beautiful girl that is sexy has big heart very funny popular and is wild at times VERY intelligent
Hunei is All Guys dream girl !!!
by Coolz person 😁 January 28, 2017
A real stand up good lookin smart as a whip crackerjack sharp as tack wacky gacky fella!
Person 1: Huney!
Person 2: That's not my name.
Person 1: It is now!
Person 2: What does it mean?
Person 1: Huney!
Person 2: I looked it up on Urban Dictionary it says it means "good looking woman."
Person 1: Well you're one of those things. (winks)
Person 2: No.
Person 1: Ok what if I made a flattering Urban Dictionary definition about your full name?
Person 2: Full name?
Person 1: Huney Disageement.
Person 2: Dear god.
by Grumb0grumb0grumb0grumb0 May 21, 2021