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Humyn Sewage was a NYC punk rock band from the early 1990's.The band was formed in early 1991 on the benches of the Lower East Side's infamous tompkins square park.The band is cited as the centerpiece of the Hatedge crew which commited many acts of violence around the LES in the 90's.
the band went through many lineups on bass and drums , early mainstay members were its founders Chicago Chad on vocals and Jared "Spike" Errington on guitar.
best known songs were "Let me have a swill" and "Trip to brazil".
Humyn Sewages two most infamous concerts were Washington Square park May day 1992 , and opening for GG Allin at the gas station in 1993 which would become known as his final appearence before he died hours later.
by chiladd March 05, 2007
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