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humanshis who can go by manshi, or munchy, or other stuff is the hottest, cutest, prettiest little lady in all of america and other parts of the world that dont matter. when people look at her, their eyes bleed cause their so jealous. i guess people cant handle someone being that god damn hott. People with this name, are the hottest things to walk planet earth. Sometimes they are believed to be unhuman because of their extreme beauty. everyone loves her, especially people named TORI<3 and other people, but definitely not as much as tori. when shes older shes gonna marry tori, and have 18 kids and maybe they'll have a four some with some hotties, if anyones good enough, which is practically impossible due to the hottness of humanshi.
That girl is fucking beautiful/gorgeous/pretty/other words meaning pretty. She must be a humanshi.

Hey whos that girl toris with, it must be humanshi.

My eyes are bleeding, there must be a humanshi in the room.
by tori is so omg. May 21, 2009
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