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A form of dating in which a guy goes on a date with a girl whom he is not really interested in, but only does so because he knows it will make the girl happy. Through her happiness, he derives his own happiness, thriving on the goodwill he creates among women in the dating scene.

Humanitarian dating allows otherwise less attractive and/or overweight girls a chance to date a guy that may normally be out of her league, giving her a sense of hope and confidence. Though the guy knows he can find better women, he genuinely feels it's important to help out less fortunate girls around him, and he also recognizes the goodwill he develops may work to his advantage later in life, whatever it may be.

Reversing the roles, a nice-looking girl dating an ugly, fat guy in most cases is NOT humanitarian dating because most of the time the only reason a hot chick will date a fugly guy is if the fugly guy has money.

It's usually not a good idea to talk about humanitarian dating when on a date.
Ned: Hey, Jim... what are you doing dating the beluga whale over there?

Jim: Relax, man. It's just humanitarian dating. I heard from her friend she was interested in me, and I felt kind of bad no one's asked her out before. I got tens lined up for me this weekend and I've been blessed to have my share of the spoils, so I'm just doing some charity work tonight.
by JAXA August 02, 2013
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