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a person (typically a girl) that uses the app huji for every damn picture on her instagram. huji is a photo editor app that turns up the saturation of the photo, and adds weird lens flares, scratches, and the date stamp. most of these hujihoes use captions like “suns out, fun’s out!!” or any basic caption.
ex 1: omg have you seen her instagram

ex 2: yeah LMAO she’s such a huji hoe
by bigpeepee101 June 17, 2018
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Someone who only take their pictures with the Huji app and only posts Huji pictures. Tends to annoy people with their obsession with Huji pics.
Oh my god, is she seriously posting another Huji pic? Whatta Huji Hoe...
by ggsanz July 20, 2018
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