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A way of hugging someone. You start out by facing each other, both people take a second to get ready. Then they both spring up on their tippy-toes and then throw open their arms and hug each other. Usually done by girls but bro's can be hugsicle buddies too.

Commonly thought of something to do with licking because sicle rhymes with popsicle. Also might be thought of something to do with testicles, once again because of rhyming. These are both false though, get your minds outta the gutter.

This term was officially coined in Rice University, Spring 2010.
"Hey wanna be hugsicle buddies?"

"She just broke my heart, I need a hugsicle."

"He just hugsicle raped me."

"Bro can I have a hugsicle?" "Nah man, not in public."
by Kowl12 April 18, 2010
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