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Verb originating from the poshest man in recruitment.

To 'hughsey' is to go out on the town with, or more preferably, to entice girls back to ones house and into bed without making any sexual advances / progress whatsoever. This usually occurs in the perfect situation for nobbing action i.e. great states of inebreation and undress.

Essentially befriending numerous attractive ladies yet falling into the gentlemanly non-gay gay friend category with all of them.
1. "Hughsey, do you mean that she slept in your bed AGAIN and nothing happened?!"

2. "You didn't shag her? You Hughsey'd it?"

3. "You were both battered and she was only wearing skimpy pants and a T-Shirt? You didn't? Hughsey!"
by MumJar June 11, 2004
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