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When you try to give someone a hug, but right when your about to, somebody else comes in right before you.

"HUG INVADER"... the person who comes right in before you do

Also an unwanted threesome hug... when the hug invader wraps his/her arms around two people already hugging.
Person1: (talking to herself) Hey theres eddy.

(walks over and tries to give hug)

HI ED---... WHOA!!! where did you come from???
Person2: I was on my way to class and when i saw you walking towards eddy i thought, i havnt talk to him in a while, so here I am.
Person1: ugh your such a hug invader

Right when I was gonna hug Jose a hug invader came and took the hug that should have been mine.
by ~KristalKisses~ December 18, 2009
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