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Thought of as another form of Odin. His choosen daugther who aids by delivering lost souls. Her words are spoken in music through the wind. However, she is deceived by those who wish to claim her and rip her apart. They wear her as clothing. She was to heal and aide now it seems she is pecked at so others can claim any role she might have in the afterworld. She is the valkrye for Egypt and called Aphrodite. Once her Siren cave was attacked she is called Cerce. In Egypt she is Hathor. The accumulation of all female she stands on top of the sun. She sits in shadow over the moon to ensure the measure of souls who pass from the earth.
Hsirt is singing in the full moon for those who need the comfort of a mothers tune.
by Andromeda Aphrodite October 18, 2015
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