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A howlingtwat is an absolute howler, who also is a bit of a twat if you can suspend disbelief and believe that.

Generally these people are self-aggrandizing, arrogant dickwads.

Basically a huge fucking twat, who tries hard to shove his chode-worthy peg-leg up other peoples poop-chutes, but eventually ends up getting fowl howlers shoving their far more opaque and substantial peg-legs up his overly hyped, bloody mudslide regularly.

Howlingtwats are commonly found across the spectrum, and in very large quantities in countries as varied as Belgium, Canada, China, France, Germany, Israel, and Russia, where they commonly constitute most of the population. They also constitute the peasants in countries not mentioned above.

They are usually told as children that they are important, and they usually go to schools impoverished, but try to rise above the dirt by being howlingtwats. Their common justification is that they scored 5-20% better in maths, or some other subject in school or college.
howlingtwat: "Look how big my head is. My math skills are higher than yours thus I deserve your sisters pussy'
Top 10%: "Shut up bitch, bend over for the fowl howlers, like you were born to"
howlingtwat: "No I am smarter than you, trust meee!'
Top 10%: "Not true bitch."
howlingtwat: "Noooooo. Ouch. Youuurre hurrrtinnnnnngg mmeeeeeee"
Top 10%: "How does that feel"
howlingtwat: "I am better than youuuuu. Loookkk at myyy mattthhh skilllssss. OWWWWCH. OUUUUUCCCCCCH!@!!!!"
by ShittingBricksonPoorPricks December 07, 2013
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