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pretending, somthing that you arn't.

(1. dyed hair: usually black, blonde, or brown.

2. fake tanned: being tan from a salon not the sun, leaves orange glow.

3. wears tight clothing: usually items that can show off their body's or fake tanned skin. mostly abercrombie, A&F, hollister, and american eagle.

4. fake girls always have make-up on, most of them never leave their house without it. fake girls always have the thick dark mascara lashes and usually have some-what thick eye liner.

5. nails done at all time: acrilic nails to fake girls are probally one of the most important things to them. this includes finger nails and toe nails.

6. always have accessories: fakes girls always tend to have huge sunglasses and big purses from name brands such as chanel, prada, Louie V, dolce and gabbana, juicy couture and guess.

7. fake girls all usually have sqeaky or scratchy and high pitched voices, or at least try to make their voices sound like that.

8. they usually have very loud and obnoxiously annoying laughs, that they fake because they think their real laughs are too manly.

9. fake girls usually swear frequently and use alot of slang words, their usually the ones who hear the new slang words first.

10. fake girls can always be caught calling their friends by pet names like girl, gilfriend, baby, babygirl or words that are usually hurtful, but to them their names you call people when their close with them. such as hucci, whore, slut, cunt, and bitch.

11. fake girls always have their myspace done with the hottest new upcoming song that no one really knows yet, you can find the hottest guys with the most gorgeous bodies in their hundreds and thousands of myspace friends. fake girls usually hide or show everything on their page and has hundreds of photo comments to seem "exclusive".

when fake girls do this they are sometimes mistaken for italian princesses.
gianna B: oh my god, nicole and gabby are so fake!
gianna M: yeah, but they get all the guys!
gianna B: oh my god, your so right! their so lucky, i wanna know how to be fake!
gianna M: me too, apparently its alot of work.
by gioiababyyyyyxOx. April 26, 2008
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