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Part 1: While having anal sex with a woman, pull out when you're ready to cum, spit on her back so she thinks you have, then blow in her face when she turns around.
Part 2: After blowing in her face, punch the girl in the face so she bleeds and it mixes with the cum, looking like strawberry cheesecake.
Part 3: When she's knocked out from the punch, pull a cincinnati bowtie by shitting on her chest and then sitting on it and rubbing it in with your ass, so it looks like a bowtie.
Part 4: Make sure to get a picture, because if you successfully pulled this off, you are the manliest man alive.
Dude, I totally just pulled of a houdini cheescake bowtie last night. The girl was so impressed that it worked, she wasn't even mad, but she congratulated me on my epicness when she regained consciousness.
by this is youtube shit March 27, 2010
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