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An EVE Online term. Involves engaging an enemy gang, getting aggression from them, then deploying a cynosural field to allow a carrier or other capital ship to come in and knock them up. A common bait tactic.
Ted: "Our battleship gang was pwning a cruiser gang, then they did a carrier hotdrop. We were jammed, so we dropped like flies."
Fred: "Oh man, that sucks."
by germanboy66 November 28, 2008
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Term used to describe the action of leaving a friend(s) at an event or party location whereby the friend(s) have no means to get home nor do they know in particular where they are and how to get home.

The action is typical in situations where the hot-dropped friend(s) either (a) Do not wish to leave the event or party at the mutually agreed upon Group departure time or (b) situation in which, for pure amusement, the group decides to leave them behind.
Jeremy (driver), Cyrus and Farrell all went out to a house party on Saturday night at a location/neighborhood in which no one in the group was particularly familiar with. Jeremy and Cyrus decided the party was lame and decide its time to go while Farrell refuses to listen to their suggestion that the party is over. Without argument and with complete discretion/guise, Cyrus and Jeremy walk out of the room and slowly exit to the car and leave the party with out texting or notifying Farrell in any way. Farrell has been hot dropped at the party, he knows no one at the party nor does he know how to get home.
by UPTCrescentCity July 23, 2014
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To dispose of a stinky, soiled diaper in a trashcan owned by a nearby retailer so you don't have to ride with it in the vehicle.
(Parent runs back to the car, out of breath) - "I just Hot dropped Cracker Barrel! Let's get outta here!"
by Zac90 July 19, 2016
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Drops of hot urine that appear through a mans pants if he doesn't shake adequately after urinating.
I often get hot drops when I am drinking as I am in a stupor.
by Rodolphe May 18, 2005
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