A hot pocket side jawn is the girl in middle school that you used to finger and do hand jobs with behind your prudish, typically Christian, girlfriend's back. These illicit acts typically took place on the way home from school or right before school, which also happen to be great times to enjoy a hot pocket.
"Yo, Burns! I heard you was fuckin with Tina!"
"Nah, Duggie. Tina is just my hot pocket side jawn."
"Daaaamn! Misha aint puttin out that ass, huh?"
"Nah, yo."

"Hey, Peter. I thought you were dating Mary Beth Swanson but I saw you in the woods after school getting a hand job from Lucy!"
"Lucy is just my hot pocket side jawn because Mary Beth wont let me finger her."
"What a prude!"
by AutisticMomJeans May 19, 2016