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To hot mike is a form of signal reconnaissance. To hot mike means to tap into a cell phone frequency and catch all of the data coming over that frequency. The person that does this can hear all of the calls and the things said near the cellular phone in question. The phone does not have to be physically touched to do this. The perpetrator can tap into a phone without even putting their hands or equipment onto the phone. The only way to temporarily defeat hot miking without having the equipment to scan the connections coming from your cell phone is to turn the phone off.
Is your phone hot miked?
by Dagan May 26, 2006
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A Hot Mike is when an anus is pressed against a vagina while the anus expels diarrhea.
Jenni wanted me to give her a Hot Mike, but I'm not into feces and sex.
by Brownson Pincheau January 07, 2005
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