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Hot chick syndrome refers to the condition in which an extremely attractive female develops inward traits of vanity not typically found in average looking females.

Because of her attractiveness, guys will constantly ask her out throughout school and beyond, laugh at her jokes when they are not funny, be her shoulder to cry, or constantly compliment her regardless of a justified reason.

This typically leads to the "hot-chick" developing a very self-centered lifestyle and personality. Later on in their professional careers, some hot-chicks will even continue to utilize their attractiveness for undue promotions over their more deserving male/female counterparts.
Heather has a case of hot chick syndrome. Even though she has the IQ of a mule, she is still smart enough to know every guy in town wants to fuck her.
by Whocares0101 March 05, 2012
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Usually suffered by males, but sometimes also by females.
When you're talking to someone really hot on MSN but are overwhelmed by their hotness, and cannot think of anything to say, so you pretend to be away or offline to avoid them
Hot chick: ' So what are you doing Sunday?'
You: ' Hey I have to go, bye'
*You have logged off*

Hot chick: ' If it weren't for his hot chick syndrome, i totally would have gone out with him'
by guy75 May 25, 2009
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