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Hoscience is the female equivalent of broscience where the anecdotal reports of anyone who has lost even the smallest amount of weight is more credible than scientific research. In the case of hoscience it is more often the perpetuation of outdated dieting strategies.
The popularity of fad diets like Master Cleanse, Cabbage Soup, hCG, etc. is hoscience at its best... losing weight fast is more important than being healthy - even though scientific research has shown that none of these are successful long-term.

You can eat more calories during your period because your body is working harder.

No eating after 7p.

Eat with a baby spoon.

You should avoid fruit because of the sugar.

Belts and shorts that make you sweat actually make you lose fat, too.

Shakeweight - enough said.

Women should lift low weights with high repetition so that they don't become bulky - even though genetics (and steroid use) are what determines your physique.
by SFVegan November 14, 2011
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