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Horseannah is the cross between a skinny, silly little girl called Hannah and a horse.

She stalks around on long skinny legs and steals things. These things are often nice people that dont deserve to be captured under the evil spell of Horseannah.

She randomly kicks people in the nuts and treats them unfairly. Lying is also one of Horseannah's favourite things, next to eating hay and trying to be cool and 'down with the crowd.'

She likes to let people think that she's a hardcore Goth that likes watching Big Brother and England play football.

She smells of horse manure.
There is only one Horseannah, and trust me, you'll know if you meet her. Just carefully remember all of the things mentioned above and you'll be fine. Never make eye-contact with her. You will turn in to a stone horse.
by A hater of Horseannah June 27, 2004
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