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The sensation of motion experienced when stopped in your vehicle and not really paying attention (such as when looking at your phone while stopped at a red light) and out of the corner of your eye you see the car next to you pull forward or backward, giving you the false impression that your car is rolling. This is often triggers a brief feeling of panic and reflexive brake action until you realize what is actually going on.
Play on words from vertigo.
"OMG I thought the car was rolling forward, but it was just the car next to us backing out of their parking space. I hate that feeling of horizontigo."
by AnomalyDetected December 04, 2012
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similar to vertigo, a dizzy or disorienting state induced by moving quickly back and forth horizontally, as in a front car seat while driving
Driver: Dude, your freakin' me out by moving your seat like that!
Shotgun Passenger: Yeah, I'm gettin' major horizontigo!
by Dragonfly7 July 27, 2008
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