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Hopiate (hoh-pee-ate, hoh-pee-it):

to hopiate: to subdue the masses with hopium. (see hopium)

also, hopiated: a person or peoples under the influence of hopium

and, hopiation and de-hopiation: the interrelated processes of partaking in the ingestion (er, ingestation, if you will) of hopium and the war on hopium. this includes the growth and distribution, sale and manufacturing of; and the back-alley clinicians cleaning up the mess, often using mathadone, slaymoron, dedolethefiend, dealmthedrone and others.
During much of 2007 and early 2008, the new President ambushed and confiscated more than fifteen boat loads of hopium owned by the American people, refined it, and passed off the hopiate at an unregulated rate most extensively during the fall of 2008; his supply dwindled due to excessive promotion and usage of and when the people themselves again realized that multi-month benders on emotional dance parties and poli-empathogenic substances poses significant risk to your and that of your country's general well-being.
by hank saga, hank t'in saga April 02, 2009
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Hopiate: Noun.

The hope for or belief in something that makes one feel better.
The realization that there can be no benevolent god(s) because, i.e. the Holocaust, the Inquisition, etc., but trusting in divine justice and hoping everything will turn out just fine makes it possible to sleep at night.

I needed a hopiate to fall asleep last night.
by Wrldgirl1 July 27, 2018
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