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A hookah head is a special, unique individual that loves a good conversation and is easy to talk to on just about any topic over a hookah sech. they are great listeners(as long as you do not feed them alcohol)and can be insightful(for they are deep ponderers). Although, they can also get caught up in a "mind dream" aka "lala land" from to much alone pondering hookah seshs. Over all they are just as compassionate and loving people as they are to there beautiful(most likely given a personal name for-)hookah.
mark-Hey have you heard of that DJ DreadWolf?
jan- Yea hes a total hookah head. heard hes ganna try and make his own brand.
mark- I'll totally buy some if he did.
jan- Totally, me too.
by thatchickcorin October 15, 2014
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