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A trashy, slutty woman who hangs out at country bars and has no qualms about random hookups, even with married men. Can be relied upon any night for an easy chuck with no strings attached.
Brad: "Sup dude. You look haggard today."
Sam: "Yeah man, I just came back from Amber's place. Linda broke up with me yesterday and I went to the bar and had a few shots, and you know how that ends up. Spoiler alert: I banged her."
Brad: "A little honky tonk special action, huh? Talk about haggard! She's more haggard than Merle. And she's been around the block more times than the mailman. You might want to go to the doctor and get checked out."
Sam: "You can say that again. It itches."

"Sure enough about closing time, I'm about stoned out of my mind, and I end up with some honky-tonk special I found
Just as sure as the morning sun come, thinking of my sweet girl at home, and I need to get whiskey bent and hell bound."
-Hank Williams, Jr., "Whiskey Bent and Hellbound"

"Honky tonk special, you're not my daddy's wife."
-Marty Brown, "Honky Tonk Special"
by Nicholas D September 07, 2013
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