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A honky beater is a bat normally procured through ballpark giveaways. It is known as a honky beater due to its small size relative to a nigger beater. The benchmark for nigger beater status is roughly the size of a children's T-ball bat. A honky beater, in contrast, is roughly half the size of a nigger beater, with both a shorter length and smaller barrel circumference. Based on the theory that beating a honky effectively should require less effort than beating a nigger to the same degree.
Joel: Yo, fool, we done went on down to the minor league game tonight, got us selfs some honky beaters.

Mike: Honky beaters? Bitch, you crazy. We gon' need us some nigger beaters to handle these crazy niggas.

Joel: Aw shit, and I thought we was gonna beat us some honkies tonight.
by duke5572 October 24, 2006
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