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Honeyrose is a lovely girls name. Very unique and different. Woman with the name Honeyrose can be very bitchy at times but is very caring if she sees you cry she will come running. Very sweet and beautiful. Usually has blond hair. Someone called Honeyrose is probably named after someone close to them. My sister is named Honeyrose and is named after our Nan. People with the name Honeyrose has the cutest laugh and the sweetest smile. Very cute and adorable. She will have lots of friends so watch out. She is very forgiving. If you know an Honeyrose then don’t let her down she is one of a kind.
Guy - Hey who is that girl who sits behind me in maths?

Girl - Is she cute, sweet and caring?

Guy - Yeah !

Girl - Oh that’s Honeyrose.
by Unicorns1506 April 21, 2018
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