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A person or group of people, typically women, who find the honey badger YouTube video much funnier than it actually is. They are stupidly obsessed with using the term honey badger or quotes from the video in everyday conversations. They will even make group t-shirts with honey badgers printed on them.
Situation 1:
Person 1: "Oh my god have you seen the honey badger video? It is sooo hilarious."

Person 2: "I know we should get t-shirts made for our group and call ourselves the honey badgers. I doubt anyone has ever done that."

Person 1: "Yeah we will be original and badass!"

Situation 2:
Person 1: "I'm so upset that my boyfriend broke up with me."

Person 2: "You should just be like the honey badger, honey badger don't give a shit."

Person 3: "Shut the fuck up!, that video is not funny and that quote is stupid, your both a couple of honey badgertards."
by cmoney55 December 04, 2011
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