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Adjective: female, sweet and adorable woman who is in a committed relationship, but is then hurt emotionally by her partner, and in retaliation, turns around and has sex with a close friend or relative of her partner. Unlike the hunnybee, she won't stab you physically, but she will be sure to make certain she hurts you back emotionally, so that you will never forget. She's not likely to consider having sex with someone her partner doesn't know.
Little Miss honey bumblebee put it down on me. Hope my boy don't find out.

Damn man you hooked up with that little honey Bumblebee. Isn't that your cousin's girlfriend.

Oh no son, why you bringing Little Miss honey Bumblebee over for dinner. I swear , last time she was here, she was licking her lips and "accidentally" letting her boobs fall out around your father .
by NocturnalOne May 18, 2018
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