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A person who enters into a heterosexual relationship with someone who was considered homosexual.
"Did you here about Joe and Sheri? They're dating now."

"What?! I thought Sheri was a lesbian."

"Yeah, Joe's a homowrecker."
by JoeXJoe December 31, 2009
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A homosexual person that breaks up a household by having an affair with a gay man or lesbian woman.
Did you hear about Jack?

Yeah his wife found out about the dude he met at STUDS.

Wow, that guy is such a homowrecker.
by ewqsapo December 29, 2007
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when a homosexual is hitting on you or your straight boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife in front of you, and actually think they have a chance with you/him/her.

when a homosexual thinks they can steal your boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife away from you, or vice versa.
"Dude, that lesbian is totally hitting on your girlfriend."
"I'm not worried, she's just a homo-wrecker."

"HEY! You homo-wrecker! He is MINE, you have no chance with him at ALL!"
by guardgirl287p12 March 06, 2012
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a gay that is a home wrecker, they are known for breaking gay relationships, long term relationships, or any relationship for that matter.

This fag is usally a trade down, is the rebound guy, less attractive, douche fag
see that douche fag hot tranny mess over there?

yeah, what about him?

he's a douche fag homo-wrecker
by gay ninja July 14, 2010
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