-a homophobe who also happens to be fresh off the boat.

-a homosexual person who also happens to be fresh off the boat.
1. did want you jut was rearry rearry homosexuarr you ore vewy stupidry.

2. Learn to speak english you homofob
by homophobian February 11, 2010
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Homosexual Fresh of the Boat. Usually refers to (although not limited to) Pakistani or Indian gays, lesbians, transgenders etc, who reside in USA but grew up in Pakistan, India. The term is endearingly used by progressive desi homoFOBs to refer to eachother or themselves.

Coined by Ayaz who is your run of the mill Pakistani Homosexual in New York City while on vacation in Puerto Rico. See also HomoFOBia.
Yeah, a few of us typical homfobs, - three Indians and three Pakistanis - went to Vieques for vacation, listened to ghazals in the car, praised the rain forests, cursed the mainland USA as often as we could, and yes, every day we condemned the US military. Indeed we drank every night too.
by Ayaz January 27, 2005
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