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Someone who likes cocks up there BOT.

Or possibly a gay robot.
Jeff is such a fucking homobot, he should take Anna's cock out of his arse...
by Bobcheese January 15, 2005
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A human turned into a robot. In the future it will become possible to create artificially intelligent living robots. Then at a certain time in the future, we will develop a technology to transfer all the memory of a person onto a robotic brain. This way the person will go on with her life as an intelligent living robot. Form this point of time onward this person will no longer be a Homo sapiens; rather, she/he will be a Homobot.
As a Homobot you can live for billions of years. And space travel will be much more easier for a homobot.
by S. J. Nikou June 07, 2018
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