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(aka 'homo technical foul') A penalty awarded to an athlete, friend, or random person for committing an act deemed to be stupid and/or homo in nature. In basketball, it is more severe than both the regular technical foul and the flagrant foul (levels I and II)

Accrual of 3 homo techs may result in the barring of a person from a venue or specific location, per public consent. Every homo tech thereafter must go before a review panel comprised of a 3 member tribunal to be known as the War Cabinet. Any person subjected to the tribunal is required to wear a helmet constructed out of concrete in order to represent the dunce-headed thinking he/she exhibited while committing such fouls.
EX 1: Dwayne Wade was awarded a Homo Tech by Fred for getting away with a travelling violation during the 2006 NBA Finals versus the Dallas Mavericks. He has 2 remaining.

EX 2: Unneccesary pluralization of otherwise singular words may result homo tech(s) depending on how many words in the phrase were pluralized.
by Kruzer October 16, 2006
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1. a whiny little bastard who annoys the hell out of virtually everyone

2. a tech nerd who has been identified as a blatant homosexual

3. a tech nerd who you generally do not like
"Dude, that computer teacher is a homotech."
by chris logan August 27, 2006
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