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Homo Eroticus(Homsexual Upright Man) is an extinct species of the genus Homo. Many believe its demise to be a direct result of it's homosexual tendencies. I.E., the species was extremely inefficient at reproduction.

Throughout much of the 20th century, anthropologists have debated the role of H. Eroticus in human evolution. Some claim that H. Eroticus is the first example of modern homosexuality. Other claim the species is a distant anomoly, unrelated to human (H. Sapiens) activity.

H. Eroticus remains an important hominin since it is believed to be the first to leave Africa. Scorned for its nefarious sexual acts, the H. Eroticus was forced out of its stronghold on the dark continent by more conservative Homo species.
Some Scientist claim Rosie O'Donnell to be a distant relative of Homo Eroticus
by venus as a boy October 05, 2006
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