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Hommelvik is the capital of Malvik. Its known for having many "raaners" at shell.
The main export in hommelvik is "heimbrennt, kjellervatn, snubblebrus"

They also got a foodstore named Prix, its very nice.

The natives in hommelvik is the mostamarkings, they live up in the mountains over "vika" in a resorvat, they are the indians of hommelvik. they are the masterbrewers of "heimbrennt". (very strong liquor)
They drive around in small ugly 240's and park at shell to pick up smaller girls from hommelvik junior high.

If u want to spend your vacation propher you should come to Hommelvik and enjoy the sight. ITS WORTH IT! If you are lucky you can get a good picture of the native hommelvikings
Hommelvik r teh bestlol
by stejniz February 01, 2007
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