When a homeboy or homegirl spends all of his/her time fawning over a homey of the same sex. This homey crush goes beyond the scope of best friends. The casual observer would often mistake this as just a simple homosexual relationship. However upon closer inspection i.e. saggin` pants, oversize sports jerseys, baseball caps at many different angles, accompanied with nicknames such as dawg, playa, and gangsta the homeysexual is easily identified.
When one homey co-worker packs another same sex homey co-workers lunch each day for him. The homeysexuals "homey crush" has also inspired him to move within walking distance of his "dawg".
by A. Mericanweb February 21, 2008
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A rapper or thug that isn't gay, but just likes to fool around with other guys sometimes.
"Dawg, I'm not gay. I'm just a homeysexual."
by Carlosos October 16, 2003
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