The class where women learn their place, teaching them to be stay at home mothers with lessons like stitching, cooking, and other "domestic home sciences"
Home Ec Teacher: okay it's time to lean how to cross stitch.
Student: id rather sell my soul to satan.
by Youngster Joey's Rattata May 24, 2015
An invention of pure evil, involving sewing.
I have to get my Home Ec project done before Tuesday
by EatThatChocolate October 2, 2009
This means an ugly, dried up , minging , fat and disgusting little bitch.

Also known as a land whale, pile of shit and a pedo.
They’re commonly known for getting girls to strip during class(and screaming when they don’t), yelling at you for another students mistake and for crying if another teacher gets involved.
“Ew what’s that nasty smell”
“oh that’s just the Home Ec Teacher”

“What’s that pile of shit doing in the corner”

“That’s actually just the Home Ec teacher”

“Who do we feel bad for? The Home Ec teachers son.”
by emo_scientist November 8, 2022