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Whoo-boy, yes sir, quite the riveting tale of rebellion and adventure indeed. I was on the edge of my goddamn seat I tell you what. That was some amazingly hot shit indeed, holy fuck knuckle son, I think I felt my dick move. You are clearly the greatest, baddest mother fucker to walk God's green Earth in the history of man. Four times you drove by with that horn? I am in goddamn awe. AWE I TELL YOU. Inspiring shit indeed, yes sir, there can be no question, you have really made a difference.
by beNZylpiperazine August 06, 2007
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When you see something so excessive, amazing, horrifying, fortuitous, or otherwise awesome, that you are bereft of any other words to say.
Scott: "That guy just walked out the flaming wreckage after a car accident!"
Bob: "Holy fuck knuckles! He is still walking!"
by pokettomonsuta November 20, 2017
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