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n. Name for a man's pocket directory of (hopefully) promiscuous women (i.e. big book o' sorostitutes). This piece of equipment can mean the difference between a lonely night in your hotel room watching "Not Without My Daughter" or several hours of romparoom with Jessica, the former VP of Membership of *insert your favority whorority here*.
Brandon: "Who do we know in Chicag-ho?"
John: "Let me consult my good friend, Mr. Holodex, he'll know who to call."
Brandon: "Thank you Mr. Holodex, you've saved the day once again!"
by braxtron December 21, 2005
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your list of matches and suitors on tinder, bumble, and dating apps in general. it's similar to having a rolodex at work, but for your hos and booty calls.
Bruh, the holidays are the best time of year for building up your HO-lodex. Chicks be thirsty for that D.
by Childish Bambino December 17, 2018
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