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a girl who pretends she is tough but in actually never lives up to her threats. and she will never realize that no one likes her except for people who are desperate for friends, and guys only like her to hook up. this girl is also ugly with horrible makeup, terrible jewerly, and no sense of style. a popular predication for a hollonds is that she would end up in jail for prositution charges. she joined the life of prositution because that was the only way she could recieve a false sense of affection and love because she can not any geniune love due to the fact no one likes her. she would also love shower time in jail and then once released not even the most desperate guy would want to touch her so then hollonds would die a lonely death and no one would attend the funeral except for the priest and grave digger
That girl is such a hollonds when will she realize no one likes her.
by what everyone thinks March 27, 2007
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