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Hollister preps are not even really "preps". They are more like people who are layed back, but love to have fun. Hollister is a store, owned by the same people who own abercrombie, but is allitle less pricey. Lables are VERY VERY important to Hollister shoppers. They shop at places like Abercrombie, Aeropostle, PacSun, Buckle, A.E. and so on. These people usually live in the suburbs, not near a beach. So don't be fooled by the whole "Cali Beach" theme. They like rock music, bands like Oasis, Phantom Planet, Fountains of Wayne, and Paramore. Hollister "preps" (it's sad but true) all have similar hair-styles, and appearences. Most of the time people think they popped out of cookie-cutters. They usually ,but not all the time, go to private schools and live in upper-middle class nieghborhoods.
That girl is such a Hollister prep, just look at her baby-doll, and tore blue jean mini.
by Christina (a.k.a) Cali April 05, 2006
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