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Hold Em Donk, is a player who will take thoughtless random odds on cards they think are good perhaps because they may have a pocket pair, an ace king pocket suit, any suit combination or just think that by going all in on every hand it will eventually pay off. I have played with various players who were at different skill levels, nevertheless would be considered a Hold Em Donk (poker donkey) because they simply think the game is all luck or they don't understand the breakdown of the games odds.

Online gaming sites have made the game much more popular and in my opinion made the problem worse than it was pre 1997. Now many more novice players who take insane risks with play money think that they can take their rip and burn strategy to the real world of poker tournaments. What the average Hold Em Donk fails to realize is that when playing online you likely don't know who you're playing against and don't get to improve your Give (expression, tick, cough, twitch etc) or read other player's give that all professional players pickup on to identify ones potential hand strength. Another problem is that different poker sites use algorithms that don't actually mimic the real life shuffle of the deck or change out. And, when playing someone face to face it is much more intimidating because of factors such as the staredown, having to wager and place physical chips on the pile and the style of the dealer who regulates the table.
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by Donkey Assassin January 27, 2014
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